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Have To Let That Last Drop Go-Bear Gets Milk Jug Stuck On Head

It was an unbearable situation in Minnesota.

A 150-pound black bear got its head stuck in a 10-gallon milk jug, which prompted a lengthy and dramatic rescue by local fire and EMS crews. After a report that the bear was wandering through a local neighborhood, it found the large container and began trying to consume the final drops of fluid in the jug.

Then what happened next stunned on-lookers as the bear pushed it’s head in to the jug and got stuck.

A conservation officer and bystanders immediately rushed to the rescue and drilled three holes into the jug so the bear could breathe. The team tried to use cooking oil to slide the jug off, but it barely budged.

After two hours, firefighters were called in to help. The emergency responders used a tool called the Jaws of Life, which is typically used to pry open cars after accidents.

The heavy-duty tool freed the bear who immediately ran into the woods after the rescue. Residents are urged not to leave large amounts of food or food related items outside.

As odd as this seams, it’s not the first time a bear has gotten it’s head stuck in a milk jug or large bottle.

In 2010 it happened in Vermont, 2010 in Wisconsin and 2014, just outside of Atlanta Georgia. In all cases, the jaws of life were used.


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