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Curtis in Studio

Curtis Newland (Morning Crew) – A lot of people around the Buckeye State have heard him, Thank Goodness fewer have seen him! He likes tractors, wood working, small engines, metal working, hiking, porch sitting and eating, and mostly spending time with Family!





Sara Lynn is the devoted mother of 3 who loves to laugh and to make others laugh too.  For WQIO, as well as our sister station WMVO, she is the Production Manager in addition to being an on-air personality and remote “hostess with the mostest”!  She enjoys hanging out with her children, family & friends when she’s not working or doing the ten million things mothers do.  You can “friend” her at




michaelgifford(10a – 3p) Fun loving Michael “The Giff” Gifford and his wife of over 20 years are nutty dog lovers (labs/lab mix) and his two daughters keep him scratching his head daily, especially now that one of them has given him his first grandchild. The family loves to travel and Giff is into golfing, hiking, camping… just about everything outdoors… except large animals that could eat him. His wife thinks he spends more time in the garden than he does with her, but she does enjoy the “fruits” of his labor.




(3-8p ET) I’m Maria Miller and I’m proud to admit I have a collection of Mr. Potato Heads. My favorite is Spiderman, but I can’t wait for Darth Tater to join the family! In
my spare time I enjoy creating jewelry. Some of my designs have been featured in magazines! I’m a lifelong fan of college basketball, especially the final 4, no matter
who is playing as long as it’s a great game. I love traveling, especially motorcycle tripping with the Hubs. And I’m pretty good at trivia because once I won a car by
answering 10 music trivia questions on Casey Kasem’s America’s Top 10 TV Show!



karl-southcott(8p-1a ET) Karl Southcott here! I’m a giant movie fan, and love everything from the classic films to all the new exciting flicks. I enjoy the outdoors too, and am crazy
about being around the water. I love swimming, kayaking, surfing and diving. I’ve always figured that I’m at least part fish. I also like to hang with my family. My two
small boys keep me very busy! Musically, I’m crazy about everything from Sinatra to Bruno Mars. Sharing this music on the radio is such a kick!



(1-6a ET) Greetings, I’m Drew Hastings, a native of Agawam, MA, the town that proudly holds the distinction of having the very first zip code in the country! I’m
married to my beautiful wife Dina, and have three great kids, Michael, Eric and Lindsay, and a granddaughter Natalie who keeps me very busy. I love hanging out with
our chocolate lab Madison. She can be a little hyper but fun! I’m always playing hockey as exercise and for competition. I keep telling myself that it’s good for me as my
bumps, bruises and a sore back tell me it isn’t. Thanks for listening to me on the radio!

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