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Mount Vernon’s Mayor says He will Seek Re-election



Mount Vernon Mayor Richard K. Mavis announced he will seek re-election next year to the job “he still wakes up excited to go to each day, in the city whose future he cares deeply about.”
Since taking the helm in City Hall in 1996, Mavis has played the leading role in modernizing infrastructure and safety services, promoting commerce and industry, and expanding recreational opportunities in Mount Vernon.
“We are one of Ohio’s most desirable small cities today, thanks in large part to dedicated city workers, elected officials, city council members, and involved citizens, who have joined me in keeping one eye on the future while effectively managing our day-to-day challenges. We are especially proud of the fact we have accomplished all that we have in the past 20 years with no increase in taxes,” Mavis said.
Among the accomplishments Mavis considers most significant during his tenure are the widening of the Coshocton Avenue corridor to Upper Gilchrist Road; the construction of a state-of-the-art water treatment plant and implementation of EPA-mandated upgrades at the wastewater treatment plant; relocation and construction of a modern central fire station; construction of the Hiawatha Water Park and Pool and Foundation Park expansion; major roadway enhancements at Mount Vernon Avenue, Edgewood Road, Gay Street, Chestnut Street, the KCH crossover from Yauger to Coshocton Rd. and elsewhere; and continuous improvement of our central business district.
Mavis said some of the most important civic advancements during his administration haven’t involved bricks and mortar. “I am very proud of the fact that since 1998 all new firefighters have been required to also be paramedics, which not only saves lives, but also makes good business sense. We also save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in outside contractor fees by employing a small, but productive, in-house engineering staff,” Mavis said.
Mayor Mavis also mentioned implementation of citywide curbside recycling services; the employment of a code enforcement officer; creation of the Greater Downtown Management Council and recent actions in support of the Mount Vernon Parking Company as examples of “little things” that add greatly to the quality of life in Mount Vernon.
“My desire to continue serving as Mount Vernon Mayor is an acknowledgement that our work is not yet done,” Mavis said.
“We are working with a new chief to provide our police force with the support and resources necessary to battle an illegal drug culture that threatens the safety and well-being of communities large and small. We are in the midst of discussions to streamline management of our water and wastewater services. With City Council we are collaborating with Mount Vernon City Schools on in-school safety and “Safe Routes to School” projects, as well as with MVNU on a possible access to the middle school and high school via Cougar Drive. Add to these efforts continued brick street restoration; planning for an enhanced Route 13 corridor along Sandusky Street, and engineering that is well underway to extend and connect the Kokosing Gap Trail with the new Heart of Ohio Trail in Ariel-Foundation Park, and you can see we have a very full plate.”
Mavis concluded, “I look forward in the months ahead to sharing my record of accomplishments as mayor, as well as my vision for a vibrant and welcoming City of Mount Vernon.”

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