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Woman Calls in Disturbance in Howard, Gets Arrested

From the Knox County Sheriff’s Office:

On Saturday March 18th, dispatch advised Dep. Wilson, Dep. Carpenter and I about a disturbance at the Lakeview
Heights Drive incident location. Dep Carpenter, Dep Wilson and I arrived and made contact with the complainant.
The complainant (Athelia G. McKeone) was upset because her landlord was trying to evict her and her family.
Athelia stated that the landlord was the father of her ex-boyfriend and that they had a verbal agreement that they
were to pay rent and she said they had been doing so. Athelia stated that the landlord was trying to evict them
because he wanted the house to live in now since moving back from Florida.
When trying to identify the complainant, she was very misleading and uncooperative with providing proper
identifiers. After doing some digging and asking questions the proper identification was obtained. The
complainant first stated that her name was Emily G.Lampp, then Emily Ann Lampp. I was able to gatherthat
Emily’s real name was Athelia G. McKeone and she had several outstanding warrants out of multiple states.
Athelia had warrants out of Florida and Missouri with full extradition.
Athelia G. McKeone was arrested for the outstandingwarrants and transported to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Jail and held.

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